MCSS reduces coding for iOS and android native languages

Today, Mobile Cascading Style Sheets (MCSS) launched to provide developers with a robust, free coding library designed to simplify the mobile app development process. MCSS dramatically streamlines the code needed to build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android, eliminating development time by more than 40% and existing apps can easily integrate MCSS for future updates.

MCSS enables the creation of complex app design with just one line of code, even for developers with limited coding knowledge. The use of MCSS removes the need to go through app stores' submission and approval processes for updates; when using MCSS, any changes made to mobile app aesthetics will be reflected almost instantaneously to the users, without the need to formally update the app.

“As developers ourselves, we've experienced frustration when creating and updating mobile apps, from the arduous process of going through app store approval processes when making small design changes to the length of time it takes to create designs overall,” said Charles Amashta, co-creator of MCSS and CEO of Do Genius On. “In the 1990s, CSS was established to provide critical design tools, forever changing the way the Internet operates. Today we're at another critical moment in web history with the launch of MCSS, an accessible tool bringing next-level capabilities to mobile web design."

The library recognizes around 70% of CSS code, allowing users to create an MCSS file based on a website CSS file to save significant amounts of time to create a baseline design for mobile rather than needing to build from scratch.

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